It's a great feeling to see my new Artool Templates Texture FX2 online or at your favorite airbrush supply store, like... Coast Airbrush in USA or Aimola  in Bogota, Colombia and Delta Tiger in Mexico City. 
I'm so glad to see that the effort that we make to put togheter How-To step by step pictures inside of the package, plus the translation English-Spanish on every Artool template is getting to the Hispanic Community across the borders, a Huge Thanks to my good friend Gabe McCubbin and all the professionals that makes this product available to the airbrush artists all over the world.

Es una gran satisfaccion ver mi nueva plantilla Texture FX2 de Artool a la venta en internet o en su tienda de artículos de aerografia favorita, como ...Coast Airbrush en USA. o Aimola Tienda Arte-Aerografia en Bogotá, Colombia y en Delta Tiger en la Ciudad de Mexico. 
Me da mucho gusto ver ver que el esfuerzo que hicimos para poner imágenes paso a paso de el uso de la plantilla en el interior del paquete, más la traducción Inglés-Español en cada una de ellas a valido la pena, y así poder llegar a la Comunidad Hispana a través de las fronteras, mi agradecimiento a todos los profesionales que hacen este producto disponible a los artistas del aerógrafo en todo el mundo.Artool

 In this instructional video with Gerald Mendez you will learn the many uses that the Texture FX Templates have to offer and how to apply them. Gerald teaches 3 different pieces in this video with 2-1/2 hours of instruction. The first piece you will learn is a Sky portrait and how to create realistic clouds. Second, Gerald will show you how to create a killer skull mural with 2 skulls morphing into into one another. Lastly, Gerald teaches his secrets on creating a unique and realistic space scene. Each one of these tutorials is loaded with the Top Pro secrets and techniques Gerald has developed over many years of airbrushing.